GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Public Parameter node

The Public node is designed to display any parameter on the GrowFX command panel, and also provides the ability to animate this parameter. It can also be referenced objects or 3dsMax textures used in GrowFX.

Accordingly, the Public node has the following types:


This type is only used to display some text on the command panel.


Use the drop-down list to choose the type of Public node. In most cases, the type cannot be changed, since this node can be linked with some parameter or with a reference object.

Show on Command Panel

When on, the parameter will be displayed on the command panel.

Boolean, Integer, Float, Universe, Time

These types are used to represent any parameter on the command panel, as well as for animate it.


In the drop-down list, you can choose the type of parameter. The following types are supported: Boolean, Integer, Float, Universe, or Time.


When on, clamps the related parameter value in the command panel using the Min value and Max value respectively.

Min value

The minimum value for the related parameter on the command panel.

Max value

The maximum value for the related parameter on the command panel.

Object, Spline Object, Wind Object

This type is used to reference a geometry object, spline object or wind helper object, respectively.

An Object can be, for example, a reaction object in the Object reaction node or another geometry object in another node.

A Spline Object can be used for a Spline direction node.

A Wind Object can be used for a Wind animation node.


Click this to unlink the referenced object.

Texture map

This type is used to reference a texture map. Textures can be used in some nodes, for example, in the Affect node as a Factor map, in the Cylinder mesh node as a Displacement map, etc.


Click this to unlink the referenced texture map.

Bake direction Button, Reset Bake dir Button

These 2 types are used to duplicate the corresponding buttons on the command panel from the Object reaction node. It can be useful to perform bake of directions or reset bake simultaneously in several Object reaction nodes.

For more information see How to use the Public parameter node.