GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

What's New in GrowFX 2.0.0

  • Implemented a node-based editor instead of several rollout dialogs that allows you to manage all GrowFX components in one window. This gives us the opportunity to increase GrowFX functionality indefinitely by introducing various new types of nodes.
  • Added new types of nodes:
  • Public Parameter node - used to create an animated parameter, as well as to display the parameter on the main GrowFX panel.
  • Math node - performs some math operations, can be used instead of the Affect node.
  • Random Generator node - allows to generate random values for any parameters.
  • Switch node - this node allows to redirect the computing process between various branches of the node graph depending on the input value.
  • Attribute Position node and Attribute Distance node - these nodes can be used to get some attributes, and then passing them to the Affect or Math node, for further influence on other parameters.
  • Value node - this node allows to set some value. It can be useful to connect this node to several parameters in order to control their values.
  • The random generation algorithm has been completely redesigned. Therefore, plants may differ after conversion from the previous version 1.9.9 (Final).
  • Many bugs are fixed.