GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Hard Bend direction node

It allows you to create a hard bend in the direction that resembles the fracture of branches or leaves.

Position %

Specifies the position of the bend point on the path in percentage.

Chaos pos %

Adds random variation to the Position setting.

Bend by Angle group

Allows to adjust the angle of the bend. The checkbox lets you disable the use of this angle.


Angle of bending direction.

Chaos angle

Chaos of bending angle.


Axial orientation of the bend.

Apply Vector group

Allows to apply the vector to the remainder of the path after the bend. It may be necessary to give a realistic sagging of leaves after their fracture. These parameters are absolutely similar to the parameters of the Vector direction node.

Separate SmGroups

When on, this will separate smoothing groups of the surface in bending place. This means that polygons coming after the bend will have a different smoothing group than polygons coming before the bend. Used for the Cylinder mesh or Leaves mesh only.

The right connectors allows to connect the Curve node to control the values of the corresponding parameters along the pathlines.

An example: