GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

How to group nodes

You can group nodes, and thereby create a custom node that will perform the task of this group of nodes.

To create a group, select the nodes and click the button on the toolbar.

If the selected nodes didn't have external connections, then a new node without parameters will be created, as in this example:

The Open Group button opens a group where you can edit the nodes included in this group:

The Close Group button closes the group frame.

You can resize of the group's frame, and if any node falls into this frame, it will be added to this group:

Also, you can simply move any node to the group frame, and it will be added to this group:

You can select and move the group frame, to do this you need to select its header. This will also selects all the nodes included in this group:

If the selected nodes have external connections when creating a group, then the created group node will contain parameters corresponding to the parameters of the nodes to which these connections were connected:

After creating the group:

The order of the new group parameters will correspond to the order in which you created connections to the corresponding group nodes.

But you can change their order, to do this, right-click on a parameter, and a context menu will appear, where you can select Move Parameter Up or Move Parameter Down. This will move the parameter one position up or down.

You can also delete any parameter by clicking Delete Parameter.

Double click activates the caption editing mode, and you can set any caption for this parameter:

To create additional parameters in a group node, you can create temporary nodes connected outside the frame and then delete them:

As a result, you'll get these custom nodes for creating the trunk and branches, for example: