GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Point distributor node

This distributor node generates new pathlines from any number of Helper points, and can be used to create several plants of the same type growing from different locations.


Adds an object to the starting points list. Click this button, then in the viewport move the cursor over an object to add to the collection, and any object (node) can be used as a starting point.

Create Points

Turns on Create Points mode. Manually place starting points by clicking in any viewport. In this mode the Exlevel Point Helper will be created.

Points (Nodes)

The list of starting points.


Removes the point from the list.


Allows to choose points in the scene.

Distance to object group

Pick Object

Click this, and then select an object in the viewport to be used as target object to calculate the distance from this object to the starting points.


Displays the name of the picked object.

Parameter: Distance

The right connector allows to get the current value of the distance between specified target object and starting points.

This value can be passed directly to any parameter, or through an influencing node, such as Affect or Math nodes.

For more information, see Example of using Parameter: Distance.

Distributor in point parameters

For a detailed description of these parameters, see the Distributor node.