GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Node Editor Overview

GrowFX Node Editor window:

Main Toolbar

Resets the node system by deleting all nodes from the node editor.

Opens GrowFX file (*.GFX).

Save As lets you save the current GrowFX file in GFX format under a different file name.

Import Nodes lets you import a set of GrowFX nodes from GFX format.

Save Selected Nodes lets you save selected GrowFX nodes in GFX format. Just select one or several nodes and click this button.

Updates the GrowFX object.

Manual Update. When on, the GrowFX object is not updated when you change the nodes, or any parameters.

Activates the Lines View display mode in Viewport.

Activates the Mesh View display mode in Viewport.

Creates a group of selected nodes. For more info see How to group nodes.

Opens the Public Parameters Manager dialog.

Opens the Preferences dialog for the node editor.

Parameters sidebar

This panel duplicates the parameters of the nodes. There are also additional common parameters of node. For mode information, see Nodes Overview.

Viewport Navigation controls

At the right end of the status bar are the buttons that control the display and navigation of the node editor viewport.

Pan View
Zoom Region
Zoom Extents
Show Grid
Snap to Grid
Display Parameters sidebar