GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

How GrowFX works

Processing sequence of GrowFX nodes. All nodes are collapsed for a compact display of the structure.

Main algorithms work in the following sequence:

  1. For each path (in this case Path_01), the starting positions of the path lines are calculated by one or more Distributors (Distributor_01, Distributor_02, etc.):
  2. Straight lines are created with the specified Length and Steps values:
  3. The direction of the lines is modified by one or more modifiers (DirectionModifier_01, DirectionModifier_02, etc.):
  4. A meshes is generated along the lines with the specified settings in Mesh builders. This can be one or more meshes created using MeshBuilder_01, MeshBuilder_02, etc:
  5. Operations 1,2,3,4 are performed for other child paths (Path_02, etc.):
  6. The resulting meshes are modified using one or more modifiers (AfterMeshModifier_01, AfterMeshModifier_02, etc.). This procedure is performed for all paths separately, and if you have any kind of animation here (wind or other), then this calculation is faster, sometimes in real time:

To create completed plants, you must also configure the dependencies between the various parameters. For more information, see How to configure dependencies.