GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Cache Mode

The Cache Mode lets you store the plants animation to a disk file that records all changes (growth, wind, etc.), and then play back the animation using the information in the disk file instead of the computation. This is useful when the computation required for mesh animation becomes so excessive that it causes animation playback to run slowly or drop frames.

It can also speed up the computation process using full multithreading, since the recording is made to a separate file for each frame, and several frames are calculated simultaneously. This is useful for working with animated trees using Meta mesh nodes.

Cache Mode rollout


Enables the Cache Mode.

Cache File group

Contains settings for recording the mesh animation.

[file name]

After you specify or load a cache file, its name appears in this field.


Creates a new, empty cache file. After setting a new file, use Record to create the cache data.


Loads a cache data from a cache file on disk into the GrowFX. You can select any file from a sequence of files (frames), the system will automatically load the entire sequence.

Record group

Contains settings for recording cached animation.

Record current Frame

Records only one frame.

Record Animation

Records animation.

Start Frame

Sets the first frame for recording the mesh animation. Default=first frame of the active time segment.

End Frame

Sets the last frame for recording the mesh animation. Default=last frame of the active time segment.

Number of Threads

Specifies the number of threads that will be used in the calculation of the plants during the recording process. Default = Number of system cores.


Evaluates model and stores the mesh animation to a disk file.


Cancels the recording process.

Cache Info group

Displays cache statistics in read-only format, including the Start Frame, End Frame of the recorded data.

Playback Options group

Start Frame

Sets the first frame for playing the mesh animation.

Speed factor

Allows to change the playback speed.

Loop animation

Allows playback of a looped animation.


Resets all settings to default.

Delete Cache Files

Deletes the cache files from the disk.