GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Object reaction node

It makes the path lines react to other objects in the scene, in other words, it makes them reflected and/or attracted to other objects. This allows you to simulate creeping plants on any objects in the scene.

Pick Object

Click this, and then select a geometrical object in the viewport, with which the paths will react. If you need to use primitive objects (plane, sphere, box, cone), for quickly calculation you can use Exlevel Helper objects.


Displays the name of the selected object.

Reflection group

Allows to adjust the reflection path lines from the object surface.


Turns the reflection function on.


Specifies the distance to the object, when it's reached, the path line direction is going change.

Prevent Penetration

It prevents the penetration into the surface of the object.

Min distance

The lines don't reach the surface at this distance.

Magnetic group

Allows to adjust the attraction path lines to the object.


Turns the magnetic function on.


Specifies the distance to the object, when the path lines is attracted to the object.

Max strength %

Percentage value, showing how strongly the magnetic points capture the path lines.

Calculation method

Sets the principle of generation of the magnetic points.

Use Vertices

The vertices of the mesh object are used as magnetic points.

Generate points on Faces

An additional magnetic points will be generated on the faces.

Steps on face

Sets the distance between an additional magnetic points on the face. Decreasing the value will increase density of points on the face. The magnetic points are generated randomly, so the distance may be not accurate.

Show magnetic points

When on, displays magnetic points on surface in the Viewport. To see the magnetic points, please select this node and enable the Lines viewport mode.

Bake Direction

Click this button on the last frame to bind the path's points to the animated reaction object.
This can be useful if you have an animated object or tree, and you need to bind the growing ivy to this object.

Points Count: 0

This shows how many baked points are generated.


Removes all information of the binding points.

The right connectors allows to connect the Curve node to control the values of the corresponding parameters along the pathlines.

An example: