GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Instanced geometry node

This builder allows to use the custom objects taken from other objects as instances.

Position %

Specifies the object position on the path in percent.


Specifies the object scale in percent.

Random scale %

Allows to set random scale of objects in percent.

Current time

Sets time for an animated object and allows shifting objects in time.

Geometry Objects:

The left connector allows to connect the Instanced Geometry Element node.

The list below allows to manage Instanced Geometry Element nodes.


Adds a new IG Element node.


Deletes a selected IG Element node from the list.


Extracts an object from the selected IG Element node. Choose an IG Element in the list to click this button.

Combine meshes

This option helps to combine received meshes into one mesh. When off, the objects are displayed separately. On the one hand, calculation will be faster. On the other hand, too many objects will be displayed slower in Viewport. For faster display, it is recommended to enable Display as bounding box or One BBox for hierarchy.

Deform along path

Deforms an object along path line directions.

Vertex color

Allows to configure the Vertex color parameters. The right connector allows to connect a Vertex color nodes.

Display options group

Display as bounding box

Displays objects as boxes in Viewport.

One BBox for hierarchy

Displays objects for the entire hierarchy as a single box.

MultiMaterial group

Generate MultiMaterial

GrowFX collects all information on materials on objects, creates a new multimaterial and assigns it to itself.


Updates this multimaterial. Updates must be performed if:

  • - structure of object hierarchy has changed;
  • - number and structure of material identifiers of each object have changed;
  • - other material has been assigned to an object;
  • - number and structure of material identifiers of a GrowFX-object has changed.

To reset changes and return to the previous material that was assigned before a multimaterial was generated.

Generate Instances

Creates instances of objects in the scene at the positions where they were generated by this mesh builder.

How to use the Current time parameter:

  1. Create an animated object, for example, a blossoming flower. Let's assume the time required for the flower to open is 20 frames, i.e. the flower will be animated from frame 0 to frame 20.
  2. Add a new IG Element node and select this flower using Pick button, then enable Current time and set the value to 20.
  3. Let's assume the flower should open depending on the length of stems at different times. You should create an Affect node from the length of stems on the parameter Current time.
  4. Add the Curve node for the parameter Factor and create an upward curve from 0 to 1. The value of Current time, multiplied by the value of this curve, will give a change of Current time from 0 to 20, depending on the length of stems. It means that for short stems the value Current time will be equal to 0 and for long ones - 20. Accordingly, the growing flower at an early stage of blossoming will be on short stems and fully open flowers will be on long stems.

Obviously, it can be used not only in animation but also in creation of static plant models, creating flowers at different stages of blossoming. It looks much more realistic.

For more information see an Example of using Current time and Use hierarchy options

Generate Instances

Generates instances in the current frame. Instances becomes as independent objects.