GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Affect node

As a tree grows higher, tree branches must be longer and larger in diameter. Depending on the position on a trunk, a branch must be larger (bottom branches), or smaller (top branches). In other words, some parameters change under the influence of others. GrowFX has an Affect node that allows to configure the above dependencies.

Input parameter
The left connector allows to connect an output parameter from any node. This parameter must have an output connector on the right, then it can be connected.

Allows to set the range of the affecting parameter.

Affect factor group

Allows the user to customize the affecting coefficients.


Multiplication factor. The Factor itself has no dynamic change. Therefore, the user must connect the Curve node to the connector in order to dynamically change the Factor. The curve range will be expressed according to the range specified in Min - Max.

For example: The influence occurs from the length of a branch, and the change of some parameter must occur at the length from 10.0 to 50.0. Accordingly, Min = 10.0, and Max = 50.0. Then, if the length of a branch is 10.0, Factor is equal to the value of the curve at point 0, and if the length is equal to 50.0, then Factor will be equal to the value of the curve at point 100. Accordingly, the entire range of Factor curve will be used in the entire range of lengths of this branch (10.0...50.0).

Chaos %

Adds random variation of the Factor value to lower side.

Random time

This parameter adds the random offsets in time up to the specified value. This parameter can be used for animation, particularly for creating chaotic movements (for example, wind animation without Wind animation node).

Factor map

Allows to attach the texture as a coefficient. This can be affected from the Surface distributor node only. When using a texture, Factor will be used as the scaling coefficient, and the Curve node for the Factor parameter will be ignored.

Calculate all levels

When on, the coefficient calculation on all levels, in using multilevel distribution in Path distributor node or Path position distributor node. When off, the coefficients will be taken from the last level only.

For more information see How to configure dependencies.

An example of using Calculate all levels:


Calculate all levels is off:

Calculate all levels is on: