GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Wind animation node

It allows you to create the animation of swaying pathlines in the wind.

Wind object group


Click this, and then select a Wind helper object in the viewport.


Turns on Create Wind object mode. Manually place Wind helper object by clicking in any viewport.


Displays the name of the Wind object.


Stiffness of the path, numerically determines the wavelength of the vibrations of paths. Waves move in the wind direction with speed equal to Wind Speed in the parameters of the Wind helper object. This influences the oscillation frequency: the shorter the wavelength, the greater the frequency.

Please note that if Stiffness is more than the path length, the oscillation frequency depends to some extent on the length of the path.


Flexibility of the path, numerically determines the scale of the subsidence under the influence of wind forces.

Scale Frequency

Scale of the oscillation frequency. This parameter is required to adjust the oscillation frequency.

Amplitude Multiplier

Sets the amplitude of the waving lines in the wind. Allows you to make movements smoother.

Axial rotation group

Allows to adjust the axial rotation of the oscillating paths. It can be applied to the leaves because they tend to vibrate along their axis.


Enables this feature.

Max angle

Maximum deflection angle of the axial rotation.

Strength factor

Used to adjust the amplitude of the axial rotation.

Orientation for leaves group


When on, performs axial reorientation of the direction, which means that it turns the path along the direction. Mainly it is applicable for leaves, as a leaf can bend only in one direction. So in creating wind animation or gravitation influence, when bended, the leaf turns over.

Angle strength

Used to adjust the rotation angle of the leaves.

Looping animation group


Enables the looping animation. Enabling this option disables the Scale Frequency, because it will be calculated automatically.

Looping Period

Specifies the looping period.

For the correct looping animation, don't use the Perturb Speed, Perturb Vector and Decay options in the Wind helper settings.

The right connectors allows to connect the Curve node to control the values of the corresponding parameters along the pathlines.

The visual representation of Stiffness:

Flexibility = 1.0:

Flexibility = 10.0: