GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Nodes Overview

Nodes contain the following basic elements:

  1. The node icon. By clicking on it, the node can be turned off or on. In the off state, the node is muted in gray.
  2. The node name. Double-click activates the node name editing mode.
  3. Collapse/expand toggle. Collapses or expands this node.
    An example of a collapsed node:
  4. The connector for connecting a Public Parameter node, which allows to control the state of this node (On or Off).

  5. Connectors for connecting influencing nodes to any parameters. It can be Affect, Public Parameter, Random Generator or Math nodes. For more information, see How to configure dependencies.

  6. Connectors for connecting Curve nodes, which allows to configure the behavior of the parameter value in a certain range.

  7. Influential connectors that generate some parameter value or system status. Allows to connect Affect and Math influencing nodes, as well as pass the value directly to other parameters.

  8. Parameter editing fields. Click activates the keyboard input mode. On the right there is a spinner for quickly changing the value.

Common parameters

Each node has additional common parameters that can be found on the right sidebar.


Enables/disables the node.


Specifies the name of the node.

Count Rate %

Specifies the count rate in percent for using of some nodes, this works for distributors and direction modifiers.

Seed offset

Specifies the seed offset for the random generator. If this node generates any randomness, for example, it is a Random node, or a Random direction node, or this node has any Chaos parameter, then this can be used to change the initial seed of its random generator.

Types of nodes

Path node


Direction Modifiers

Mesh Builders

Mesh Additional Components

Affect node

Public Parameter node

Random Generator node

Math operation node

Switch node

Curve node