GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Object slice node

Cuts the path line when it reaches the surface of the specified scene object. This allows you to trim plants to the shape of some object.

Pick Object

Click this, and then select a geometrical object in the viewport, on which the paths will be sliced. If you need to use primitive objects (plane, sphere, box, cone), for quickly calculation you can use Exlevel Helper objects.


Displays the name of the selected object.


Specifies the distance to the object, when it's reached, the path will be sliced.

No affect length

When on, the imaginary length of sliced path won't change, and this will reflect the rest calculation, particularly the Cylinder mesh builder with variable over length radius, while the radius will remain original.

Cylinder mesh, Cap end

When on, you can override the cap end for Cylinder mesh. You can choose another type of cap using the radio buttons: Planar or Spherical.

Erase the affected lines

Erases the affected lines. Those lines that touched the object will be erased.

An example: