GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Vector direction node

This modifier is used to simulate gravity or other redirection effects along a specific vector.

Global vector

The global start direction vector is used. It may come from GrowFX icon or from the Start point when using the Point distributor node.

Local vector

The local start direction vector is used. The local vector comes from the current distributor of the path.

Another global vector

Another global direction vector is used. This vector is specified in the Another node group.

Another target point

Another point is used as target, which means the vector is always targeted at this point. This point is specified in the Another node group.

Another target surface

Another surface is used as target, which means the vector is directed against the normal at the nearest vertex of the surface. The object of the used surface is specified in the Another node group too.

Use view as target point

The vector is always directed to the camera or to the active view of the Viewport.

Another node group

This group available for use Another global vector, Another target point and Another target surface only. Naturally, the Create button that creates a new object is not available for Another target surface.


Click this, and then select an object in the viewport to be used as a vector.


Turns on Create Vector mode. Manually place vector by clicking in any viewport. In this mode the Exlevel Point Helper will be created.


Displays the name of the picked object.


Specifies the influencing vector power, allowing to change direction.

The right connector allows to connect the Curve node to control the Strength value along the pathlines.

Orientation for leaves

When on, performs axial reorientation of the direction, which means that it turns the path along the direction. Mainly it is applicable for leaves, as a leaf can bend only in one direction. So in creating gravitation influence, when bended, the leaf turns over.

An example: