GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Inherit from parent node

Allows to inherit the vertex colors from the vertex colors of parent path lines.

Blend mode

Use the drop-down list to choose how the color of this setting interact with those in overlying colors. For more information see Blend Modes.

Weight %

Sets a weight for this colors. It's like a transparency, when mixed with the color from previous Vertex color nodes. The right connector allows to connect the Curve node to control the weight value along the path lines.

Coloring elements

Inherited color will be applied to the entire element.

Coloring along paths

Inherited color will be applied along the path, as a continuation of the parental colors.


For example, the parent trunk has this vertex color gradient:

Then the branches will be colored as follows:

Coloring elements is on:

Coloring along paths is on: