GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

How to use the Public parameter node

You can connect the Public parameter node to any connector on the left side, which will bind the parameter of this connector to this Public node.

As a result, this parameter will appear on the GrowFX command panel in the Public parameters rollout. The name of this parameter will be the same as the name of this Public node. By default, this name inherits the parameter name of the node from which this Public node is created.

To create some captions for a group of parameters, you can create Public parameter nodes with a Caption type:

As a result, a caption appears in the Public parameters rollout:

The caption will match the name of its Public node.

An example of some node graph:

To change the order of parameters in the Public parameters rollout, you can use the Public Parameters Manager dialog. To call it, click the button on the toolbar. Drag parameters up or down to change their order.

An example of the Public parameters rollout: