GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Attribute Distance node

This node can be used to get some attribute, and pass it to the Affect or Math node, for further influencing other parameters.

This node connects to the bottom left connector or the bottom right connector of the Path node. Just like any other direction modifier node.

Calculate for

The drop-down list allows you to select a point on the path line for which the position will be calculated:

  • Starting point - starting point of the path line;
  • Nearest point - nearest point on the path line;
  • Midpoint - distance midpoint on the path line;
  • Far point - farthest point on the path line;
  • End point - end point of the path line;

The drop-down list allows you to select what exactly will be calculated:

  • Point (Node) - Helper point or any 3ds Max node will be used;
  • Object Surface - the surface of the specified 3ds Max object will be used. With this type, the distance between the selected point (in Calculate for) of the path line and the nearest vertex of the object surface will be calculated;
Pick Object

Click this, and then select a helper point or object in the viewport to be used.


Displays the name of the picked object.


The result of the calculation is passed here. You can link the connector on the right to any parameter directly, or connect an Affect or Math node to further influence other parameters.

For example, if you select End point and Point (Node), the Result will be the distance between the end point of the path line and the selected point (3ds Max node).

This node works the same as the Attribute Position node.