GrowFX 2.0 User Manual

Standard leaves node

This builder allows to build simple leaves.


Specifies the leaf size.


Specifies the length/width ratio.

Position %

Specifies the leaf's position on the path line in percents.

Mat ID

Specifies the material identifier. The right connector allows to connect the Chaos Material ID node to control the chaotic behavior of material IDs.

Vertex color

Allows to configure the Vertex color parameters. The right connector allows to connect a Vertex color nodes.

Type of leaf group

Allows to choose the type of the leaf by pressing the corresponding button. The number on the button demonstrates how many polygons the object of the given type has.

Flip normals

It flips the direction of leaf surface normals. Accordingly, the front side of the leaves becomes the inside side.

2-Sided leaves

Generates a two-sided leaves. Used mainly for game development.