Release Notes

GrowFX Release Notes

What's new in GrowFX 2.0.0

  • Implemented a node-based editor instead of several rollout dialogs that allows you to manage all GrowFX components in one window. This gives us the opportunity to increase GrowFX functionality indefinitely by introducing various new types of nodes.
  • Added new types of nodes:
  • Public Parameter node - used to create an animated parameter, as well as to display the parameter on the main GrowFX panel.
  • Math node - performs some math operations, can be used instead of the Affect node.
  • Random Generator node - allows to generate random values for any parameters.
  • Switch node - this node allows to redirect the computing process between various branches of the node graph depending on the input value.
  • Attribute Position node and Attribute Distance node - these nodes can be used to get some attributes, and then passing them to the Affect or Math node, for further influence on other parameters.
  • Value node - this node allows to set some value. It can be useful to connect this node to several parameters in order to control their values.
  • The random generation algorithm has been completely redesigned. Therefore, plants may differ after conversion from the previous version 1.9.9 (Final).
  • Many bugs are fixed.

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What's new in GrowFX 2.0.0 (Beta)

  • Added a Node Editor instead of standard windows. Now you can see the entire GrowFX data structure, and it will be easier to edit and optimize your plants.
  • Improved algorithm for the Path Reaction modifier.
  • Added Repeat parameter in the Curve node, and you can also connect another Curve node to the Scale factor parameter.
  • Added Use All Distributors option for the Deviation direction modifier, which makes it easier to configure this modifier.
  • Added Parameter: Radius for the Cylinder mesh and Meta mesh, this passes the value of the actual radius at some point. You can also directly pass the radius value to another value, for example, to Offset of the branches.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service Pack 9)

  • Removed the Convert to Mesh & Convert to Spline options from the Preference parameters;
  • Many bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 8)

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2020 (64-bit);
  • Added the ability to specify your own copyright to the GrowFX model;
  • Improved algorithm for the Wind Animation modifier;
  • Added a new parameter Amplitude Multiplier for the Wind Animation modifier;
  • Add a MaxSctipt access to the Looping Period in the Wind Animation modifier;
  • Support Explicit Normals in the Instanced geometry;
  • Fixed import of Editable Poly objects in the Instanced geometry;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 7)

  • Improved the Looping animation algorithm for the Wind Animation modifier;
  • Added the Prevent Penetration option and the Min distance for the Object reaction modifier. This feature avoids the penetration of branches into the object surface;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 6)

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2019 (64-bit);
  • Added a new Shape modifier that allows the user to modify lines of path by control points;
  • Added Color Channel and Color Mask options in the Surface distributor;
  • Added Use Last Level option in the Path and Path position distributor, which will allow using only the last level of the parent path;
  • Added Path Pos - Min % and Path Pos - Max % parameters in the Instanced geometry, which will allow to control the appearance of the instanced objects along the parent path;
  • Added the ability to affect to the Material ID of the mesh builders;
  • Added the ability to affect to the Displace UVW Mapping parameters of some mesh builders;
  • Added the MaxSctipt functions to access the Cache Mode parameters;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 5)

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2018 (64-bit);
  • Improved algorithm related to Chaos Count % in the Distributor in point group and Count rate % for all Distributors. Now the calculation is more accurate. Please note, that the plants shape may change slightly;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 4)

  • Added a Playback Options in the Cache mode settings;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 2)

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2017 (64-bit);
  • Added a new Override Steps modifier;
  • Added Disable Progress Bar option in the Preference parameters;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 1)

  • Added a new option Aligned Local Vector for the Vector Orientation modifier;
  • Improved the Wind Animation modifier:
  • Added a new feature Looping animation;
  • Added a new parameter Strength factor in the Axial rotation group;
  • Added a new parameter Angle Strength in the Orientation for leaves group;
  • Added the Invert lines button in the Eraser modifier;
  • Many bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.9

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2016 (64-bit);
  • Added the Cache mode. Now you can bake the growth or wind animation of your model, and then use the cache files in other projects. The recording process is multithreaded, so it works more faster for a whole animation than usual tree building when rendering;
  • Added the Bake Direction feature for the Object Reaction modifier. This allows you to bind the vines (for example) to the animated reaction object;
  • Added a new parameters Chaos pos %, Angle Bend and Length % for the Path Position Distributor;
  • Added the ability to convert the Path Distributor into the Path Position Distributor;
  • Added a new option Shift Start Point for the Noise direction modifier;
  • Added a new option Scale proportionally for the Leaves mesh;
  • Added a new option By Width Graph Points for the Leaves mesh;
  • Improved the Stop stitching feature for the Meta mesh, also added a new option Stop stitching for children;
  • Many bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.8 (Service Pack 3)

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.8 (Service Pack 2)

  • Added the ability to use the old algorithm to calculate the Graph of the Density in the Path distributor.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.
  • Also, we have updated all the files in our Plants Library.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.8

  • Added a new Trim modifier that allows the user to trim lines (stems, branches, leaves etc.) directly in the viewport;
  • Added the "Revert erased lines" button in the Eraser modifier;
  • Copy/Paste now works between all Graph Controllers;
  • Added the visibility toggle for the paths list;
  • Added some new MaxScript functions;
  • Removed parameter SubDivs from the Preference parameters, accordingly improved algorithm for the Path distributor;
  • Improved algorithm for the Zigzag direction modifier;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.7

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2015 and 3ds Max Design 2015 (64-bit);
  • Improved viewport performance in 3ds Max 2015;
  • Added a new parameters group called Alarm limits to the Preference parameters. By setting these parameters, you can be sure that your model will not cause a memory overflow;
  • Some minor improvements and bugfixes.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.6

  • Added a new Eraser modifier that allows the user to erase unwanted lines (stems, branches, leaves etc.) directly in the viewport;
  • Added a new options for the Rescale GrowFX object;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.5

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2014 and 3ds Max Design 2014 (64-bit);
  • Added the Displacement map for the Meta mesh builder;
  • Added a new Align Children modifier that enables the user to align child paths in case the parent path is too distorted. This modifier must be added BEFORE the modifiers that distorts the parent path, thus eliminating its effect on child paths;
  • Added a new direction modifier Copy direction;
  • Added the Decay parameters for the Wind object;
  • Added a possibility to track the distance between a GrowFX object and any other object, and create an Affect from this value affecting other parameters. See Distributor parameters;
  • Added Override steps options for the following mesh builders: Cylinder mesh, Meta mesh and Leaves mesh. It allows you to change the lineal length of mesh polygons without changing its shape. You can now create several models of the same plant with a different number of polygons. This and the previous feature also allow you to create models where the number of polygons is directly related to the distance from camera;
  • Added a new parameters Count Rate % and Seed offset for all Distributors;
  • Added the Local vector for the Vector orientation modifier;
  • Direction Modifiers and After Mesh Modifiers windows can be opened together;
  • Separate conversion the GrowFX object to the mesh and to the spline. See the Preference parameters;
  • Added ability to convert separately paths to the splines;
  • Added a MaxScript-access for opening and saving presets;
  • Introduced a completely reworked data storage method and algorithms. As the result, a lot of minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Also we've released a new plugin: GrowFX MultiMap for 3ds Max 9 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014.

You can find more information and discuss this release on the forum HERE.

What's new in GrowFX 1.9.0

  • Added the After Mesh Modifiers feature. This will enable you to apply direction modifiers after the calculation of all meshes. For example, the wind animation will now be calculated very quickly and, in some cases, in real time;
  • Added ability to copy components (Distributors, Direction Modifiers, Mesh Builders and After Mesh Modifiers) as instances;
  • Added a new parameter Seed offset for all direction modifiers;
  • Added a new option Disable all Meta meshes in the Preference parameters rollout. This will allow you to configure your trees much easier with Meta mesh builders, in which all Meta meshes will be presented as cylindrical mesh. Don't forget to turn it off when you are finished configuring the tree;
  • New feature for the Meta mesh: Stop stitching by Radius. This makes it easier to optimize the calculation of the Meta mesh;
  • Added a new parameter Angle axis for the Leaves mesh;
  • Now it's possible to change the order of color components in the Vertex Color;
  • Added ability to apply one of several presets for any Graph parameters;
  • Improved algorithm for the Hard bend modifier;
  • Display the pathname of the *.gfx file on UI;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.8.6

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2013 and 3ds Max Design 2013 (32 and 64-bit);
  • Improved algorithm for wind animation;
  • Added color blending modes for the Vertex Color;
  • Added Highlighted paths mode;
  • Added new Align width and Along edge options in the UVW Mapping rollout for the Leaves mesh;
  • Smooth growth of ending point for Noise direction modifier;
  • Added ability to disable calculations (for opening 3ds Max crashing scenes). To do this just click Start menu > All programs > Exlevel > GrowFX for 3dsMaxXXXX XX-bit > Disable calculations;
  • Correct copying of a path name when you copy the path;
  • Multiselection of paths for deleting and highlighting;
  • The message window does not show up every time anymore;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.8.0

What's new in GrowFX 1.7.0

  • New direction modifier Wind animation and a new Wind helper object enable quick and easy creation of wind animation of any plant;
  • New direction modifier Hard bend, allowing you to create a hard bend of directions, mostly to create fractures in the leaves of palm plants;
  • New option Flip normals for Leaves mesh allows you to invert the normals of polygons in leaves;
  • Support for the Nitrous viewport display mode in 3ds Max 2012;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.6.0

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2012 and 3ds Max Design 2012 (32 and 64-bit);
  • Added ability to save and open model presets;
  • Added a new option called Use Vertex Color in Surface distributor. This allows the use of vertex colors as part of the distribution density. Where white color is used, the density will reach a value of Density, where black color is used, the density will be zero. Accordingly, it is possible to use the standard modifier VertexPaint to draw on the surface, specifying the place where paths appear;
  • Now it is possible to scale objects used in Instanced geometry, and they will also be displayed in the scaled form in the resulting model;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.5.0

  • Added a new mesh builder called Meta mesh, that creates smooth transitions between trunks and branches. Using the new feature, you can create very realistic trees. Some examples of using Meta mesh:

  • Added a new direction modifier called Optimize steps that makes it possible to create more optimized models of plants;
  • New ability to influence almost all parameters of UVW Mapping for the Cylinder mesh;
  • Improved interface of Cylinder mesh, for Advanced parameters group;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's new in GrowFX 1.4.5

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2011 and 3ds Max Design 2011 (32 and 64-bit);
  • Added an ability to select multiple starting paths in Path Distributor and Path position distributor;
  • Added a new influencing parameter called Parameter: offset for Distributor in point;
  • Added a new option named Scale length by Radius to UVW Mapping. The option allows the user to scale texture coordinates by length depending on the radius of Cylinder mesh;
  • Fixed minor bugs.

What's new in GrowFX 1.4.0

  • New direction modifier: Spline direction. The modifier allows the user to set the direction of a path along a spline. Moreover, this algorithm can be used to make smooth interpolation between splines. For example, low branches may have one shape while upper ones have another;
  • New parameters for Instanced geometry:
  • Current time - Sets time for animated objects, which is different from the current time of the animation. Users can influence and animate this parameter on their own. The parameter can be used in animation, as well as in creation of static models;
  • Deform along Path - Deforms an object along path directions. The parameter allows the user to create custom geometric shapes by specifying the required direction for them;
  • Use hierarchy - Allows using all objects from the hierarchy of a selected object;
  • Generate MultiMaterial - Collects all information on object materials, creates a multimaterial and assigns it to itself;
  • Display as bounding box - If Combine meshes is not used, objects in Viewport are displayed as boxes;
  • One BBox for hierarchy - Displays the entire hierarchy as a single box;
    For example, you can create an animated flower from several associated objects, assign different materials to them. Then, the flower grows on branches / stems at different times. A GrowFX object automatically assigns to itself a new multimaterial where all materials of source objects are collected;
  • Improved interface:
  • There is an opportunity to resize all lists by moving their bottom border;
  • When the user clicks the right mouse button on the Graphics, Affects, Chaos Mat ID buttons, a context menu appears where one can find more control options;
  • New option on the main panel called Show x-points on the paths. To make work with graphic parameters more visual, this option enables the mode that displays knot points of a graph as x-points on lines in Viewport;
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.

What's New in GrowFX 1.3.0

  • New direction modifier: Deviation direction. The modifier allows the user to deflect the trunk in the direction opposite to the growth of branches at the points where they distribute;
  • Version for render node. This version is built for installation on render-farm or additional network computers, which are intended for rendering. The version does not require activation and has no parameters. To get the version for render node, please contact our support at;
  • New parameters for Path distributor: Range parameters. These parameters allow the user to set the start and end positions for distribution of branches on the trunk (or other branches) in percent or in absolute values. It speeds up calculation for plant animation because the use of Density graph is not required.
  • New parameters for Path Position distributor: Absolute position and Angle Axis;
  • New parameters for Distributor in point: Angle bend and Chaos angle. The new parameters replace Min angle and Max angle of Random angle bend parameters. When old files are opened, the values of these parameters are converted to new values automatically;
  • New parameter for Distributor in point: Chaos offset;
  • New Scale factor parameter for all graphs;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

What's New in GrowFX 1.2.2

  • Added compatibility with 3ds Max 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit);
  • New option for Leaves mesh: Without central edges. You can delete a central edge for leaves;
  • Fixed small bug with activation;

What's New in GrowFX 1.2

  • New direction modifier - Noise direction. It is used mainly to add curvature to stems and branches without changing their direction;
  • New feature that adds chaotic behavior to ID materials for all mesh builders - Chaos Materials ID;
  • New parameter for direction modifiers: Count Rate %. It allows the user to specify the impact of direction modifiers on paths in percent;
  • New ability to save the position and size of all windows automatically. Also added the Reset windows position button in Preference parameters;
  • Enhanced algorithm of path distribution on surface: Surface distributor;
  • Enhanced algorithm to prepare data for building mesh;
  • Random color for paths while creating new paths;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

What's New in GrowFX 1.1

  • Multi-threaded calculations for multicore computers;
    Now, the calculations are made very quickly!
  • New parameter: Chaos Length Path;
    It allows the user to set up different length of the paths more easily!
  • New options: Auto radius and Radius < Parent radius for automatic reduction of radii for Cylinder mesh;
    Now, you don't have to influence radii of Cylinder mesh to reduce them along with the reduction of the radii for parental paths.
  • New variants for Vector direction and Vector orientation: Another point target, Another target surface and Use view as point target;
    Another target surface allows the user to lay leaves more correctly on a surface when creating clambering plants;
    Use view as point target allows the user to direct leaves to viewport or camera view.
  • Use object pivot as a starting point for Instanced geometry;
  • Restore windows with parameters when selecting GrowFX object;
  • New faster algorithm for Instanced geometry when using Combine meshes and converting to Editable mesh;
    For faster viewport, please, enable Combine meshes.
  • Improved interface and added new features:
  • Copy/Paste components (paths, distributors, modify directions and meshes);
  • Enable/Disable components (paths, distributors, modify directions, meshes and affects);
  • Move Up/Move Down for components;
  • Fixed bug in rendering animation when using Instanced geometry (ScanLine and mentalRay renders);
  • Fixed bug of a little jump of branches when using animation;
  • Minor bugs fixed.