GrowFX Manual (for version 1.x)

Preference parameters

Preference parameters

Main Parameters group

Sets up the main parameters.

Rescale GrowFX object button

Opens an extra dialog Rescale GrowFX object, where you can rescale the entire GrowFX object.

Unit Calc

Specifies the scale calculation of some algorithms.

Disable all Meta meshes

When on, the system will create a simple cylindrical meshes instead of all Meta meshes. Use this option to more easily configure the tree with Meta mesh.

Disable Progress Bar

Disables the Progress bar dialog appearance during the calculation.

Vertex Color parameters group

Linear workflow

When on, calculates all vertex colors in gamma 1.0 (linear space).

Calculation Density Graph for the Path Distributor group

Use old algorithm

When on, GrowFX uses the old algorithm to calculate the Graph of the Density in the Path distributors. When off, used a new improved algorithm. Default=off. If you open a file saved in the GrowFX old version, this checkbox will be enabled automatically.


Specifies the number of divisions when evaluating Graph of the Density in the Path distributor algorithm. This parameter is used only for the old algorithm.

Display parameters group

Sets up Viewport parameters.

Vector size

Specifies a vector's size, in using Show vectors of path, the demonstrating of vectors directions and orientations all path points on the Main parameters rollout.

Show intermediate edges

When on, vertical edges will be visible on the Cylinder mesh.

Selection mesh

When on, there is a possibility to select the GrowFX object by clicking its mesh in the viewport.

Hide icon

If possible hides the GrowFX object's icon, if there is a mesh, i.e. you can select the object by clicking on the mesh. It is active, when Selection mesh is on.

Random wire color paths

When on, the random color for the Wire color is created when a new path is added.

Highlighted lines color

Allows to specify a color for highlighted lines, when the Highlighted paths mode is active.

Alarm limits group

This group controls the basic limits for critical algorithms.

Path segs limit

Specifies the maximum number of segments for the paths lines, while editing the Length path or Steps on the Direction modifiers rollout.

Density limit

Specifies the maximum number of distributed lines, while editing the Density parameter in the Path distributor.

Distr count limit

Specifies the maximum number of distributed lines, while editing the Count parameter in the Distributor in point rollout of some distributor.

Mesh segs limit

Specifies the maximum number of faces around the circle for the Cylinder mesh. Also specifies the maximum number of faces on the leaf width for the Leaves mesh.

Meta verts limit

Specifies the maximum number of vertices during the build Meta meshes.

If some values exceed the specified limits, the system will display a message recommending change some settings to solve the problem. After that will be automatically enabled the Manual update mode.

Present parameters group

External windows

Opens the parameters rollouts in external windows.

On Command panel

Opens the parameters rollouts on the command panel.

Reset windows position button

Allows reset to default the positions and sizes of all windows of parameters.

Message parameters group

This group controls the display information in the GrowFX messages window.

Open messages window button

Opens GrowFX message window.

Report on create

When on, displays the reports of creating paths and meshes, particularly the time spent for calculating.

Report on path info

When on, displays additional information about the created paths.

Report on mesh info

When on, displays additional information about the created meshes.

Rescale GrowFX object

Scale factor

Specifies the scaling factor.

Rescale all instances

Applies the scale to all instances used in the Instanced Geometry.

Rescale parameters only

Applies the scale only to the parameters. For all Instanced Geometry will rescale the Scale values.

Rescale button

Applies the scale.