GrowFX Manual (for version 1.x)

How GrowFX works

How GrowFX works

The picture above shows the structure of interconnections between main elements of GrowFX.

The process of building a GrowFX object consists of three stages: creation of paths - Creating Paths, creation of meshes - Creating Meshes, and modifying path directions - After Mesh Modifying.

Main algorithms work in the following sequence:

  • Distributor - Generates start points and distributes path directions;
  • Direction modifiers - Builds and modifies path directions, creating various shapes of trunks, stems, branches, etc.;
  • Mesh builders - Builds meshes along path directions, giving a geometric shape to trunks, branches, leaves and other objects;
  • Direction modifiers in section After Mesh Modifying - Applies direction modifiers after calculation of all meshes. This will be calculated very quickly and, in some cases, in real time;

There is also a special mechanism called Affects. Affects receives some parameters, modifies them and transfers modified parameters to other algorithms to use them as source parameters.

- Transfer of parameter values to Affects. For example, it can be the length of a created path, start point position on the other path, or tilt angle of a start vector.

- Transfer of modified parameter values from Affects to the algorithm.

Read more about Affects in the chapter Influence of one parameters onto others.