GrowFX Manual (for version 1.x)

After Mesh Modifiers

After Mesh Modifiers

After mesh modifiers rollout

Modifiers assigned here will be calculated after calculation of all meshes.

Modifiers list group

Allows to manage the list of modifiers.

Create modifier

Creates a new modifier.

Delete modifier

Deletes selected modifier.

Copy modifier

Makes a copy of the selected modifier into the copy buffer.

Paste modifier

Pastes the modifier from the copy buffer.

Paste as instance

Pastes an instance from the copy buffer.

Make unique

Makes the modifier unique.

Also, you can move modifier items up and down by using the drag and drop feature.

To the left of each modifier, you can see the bulb icons that allows to enable or disable modifier.


This field allows to specify the modifier name.

Count Rate %

Specifies how many paths in percent to calculate using the selected modifier.

Seed offset

Specifies a randomization value for selected modifier.

Clicking button opens the following menu for choosing the type of modifier:

Types of the modifiers