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  2. Всем привет! Кто может помочь с активацией программы после переустановки виндовса? Я потерял серийник свой. Как быть?
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  4. Привет! Я снес виндовс и не знаю как активировать программу снова. Помогите!
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  6. Да, был, но на почте не могу найти. Есть какой-то, но он не подходит. Да, в личку если можно
  7. Добрый день! Ну у Вас же есть письмо которое Вы получили после приобретения? Могу в личку напомнить Ваш серийник...
  8. Добрый день. Где взять серийник?
  9. hello eduard , its not happening now. i am done making one tree , and i want to make variation by clicking seed , but sometimes branches pass through trunk , how to avoid it?
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  11. Hi Faisal, Please send me this palm, I need to check this problem. Thanks!
  12. Hi Paresh, Please send me your scene file so we can investigate this bug. Thanks!
  13. Hi guys Sorry i am new to this software I just need help to add frills on a petal you see on the pick how the petal has a nice wavey(frills) look, how is this done? sorry if its been asked already on this forum but i could not find anything that helps I have built load of plants but none with a petal like this, I have no idea how to get a wavey shape like this any help with be really appreciated thanks
  14. Hi, I have an app and want to make money from it. Which network has the best payout rates? Also, if you know any SDKs without ads, would be nice to hear about them. Thanks a lot!
  15. I created a Palm Tree in GrowFX and It was not according to real world measurements. So I rescaled using Rescale GrowFX object feature from Preference Parameters rollout and it rescaled Trunk very well but it did not rescale other meshes properly. You can see in attachment below the tree before and after rescaling. I don't know what am I doing wrong? Help please! Thanks!
  16. hello , just got growfx yesterday , today i am exploring it and got 3ds max crash white using trim modifier , i added trim modifier and clicked on (lines) , and 3ds max crashed , i checked it 2nd time to confirm , but it crashes , ( i was in mesh mode ) ( 3ds max 2018) 2nd crash : exlevel - growfx - created growfx object - ctrl+z = crash
  17. Noted with thanks . Eduard
  18. Hi avihcc, I think you can just add an Affect from Branches of 1st level -> Path distr -> Parameter: PathPosition to the Strength of the vector direction, then set a descending graph for the Factor value. Thanks!
  19. Hi Eduard: May I know how can i adjust the vector direction as such only the middle part and lower part of the tree are affected. The upper will remain not affected Please see attached image Thanks HCC Tree01.max
  20. Hi Yury, Can you send me your scene file, I just didn't quite understand what you did there? Thanks!
  21. We have a patch of grass with object that is being deformed and animated rolling through. Once we create Dir Mod with ObjectReact, and hook up the object. We can see grass react to it, but then going to another frame, the effect doesn't get updated. If I click "Update" I can see the effect update on other frames. But it doesn't happen automatically. We tried using simple boxes skin wrapped to the animated object. Nothing. We tried using a null with Attach, then LinkedXForm still nothing. The only thing that works is either transforming a static object to the area, or Attaching the object to the surface of our animated object. But that doesn't deform with the object only transforms. Not sure if this is because we are using SP5. Don't seem to find anything on youtube or here about it. Thanks! Yury
  22. Because Slate Editor is made like a piece of shit. Totally not intuitive and not friendly. I am working in Unreal and I just totally love their node-based UI - blueprints and materials. I am working with iToo Soft Railclone - and I totally love it. I work in Nuke - and it's just awesome feel to work with their editor. I try to work in Slate Editor - and I want to kill someone. It is the matter of implementation.
  23. Hi Stefan, You also need to use Parameter: Path position from the Path distributor so that the branches appear smoothly at the top of the parent branch. Thanks!
  24. Hello, I am trying to animate secondary branches and leaves to grow smoothly with the parameter: length but they still turn out snappy. Is it some kind of bug or do I get something wrong? Familly_tree_05.max
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