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  2. GrowFX 1.9.9 SP6 Released

    Great job! the shape modifier is a valuable addition to an already amazing piece of software
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  5. GrowFX 1.9.9 SP6 Released

    Hi Everyone, GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service Pack 6) is now available. What's new: Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2019 (64-bit); Added a new Shape modifier that allows the user to modify lines of path by control points; Added Use Last Level option in the Path and Path position distributor, which will allow using only the last level of the parent path; Added Path Pos - Min % and Path Pos - Max % parameters in the Instanced geometry, which will allow to control the appearance of the instanced objects along the parent path; Added the ability to affect to the Material ID of the mesh builders; Added the ability to affect to the Displace UVW Mapping parameters of some mesh builders; Added the MaxSctipt functions to access the Cache Mode parameters; Some minor bugs are fixed. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks!
  6. Attaching Instanced Geometry

    Thanks Eduard. Yer I think you're right, I tried using opacity map and it seemed to do what needed and I can perfect the stalks later down the line.
  7. Yesterday
  8. GrowFX Student version?

    Hi TooniSkyy, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  9. GrowFX Student version?

    Hi! Im Architecture student from Finland, is it still possible to have access for student discount? Thank you!
  10. Growfx Online Lessons?

    Hi Guilherme, Have you watched our video tutorials? I think if you'll look them, you can create your own plants. Thanks!
  11. Attaching Instanced Geometry

    Hi DHawgood, I think you just need to create a smooth transition to the cylinder in your leaf geometry. Thanks!
  12. Oh its the weird little 'convert to mesh' checkbox down in the pref params.. got it..
  13. I want to collapse my GrowFX object to editable mesh/poly and I am following these suggestions and it is not working for me. Cloning and Snapshot just produces another GrowFX object, not a mesh. There is no animation or anything on the GrowFX object, i just want the geo it is generating and I cannot figure out how to convert to mesh. Can someone please explain this please/thank you.
  14. Last week
  15. Hi guys, I've searched through the forum but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I needed to resolve how to attach instanced geometry, or at least figure out a technique for attaching leaves to stems so that I'm not left with a visible end section. There must be a simple method I'm sure, may be I have missed a setting?.... although it seems this may end in the situation being discussed on another thread with @Richard & @Eduard? My immediate thought was that the combine meshes would be the feature I needed, however I've so far been unable to actually join meshes, only align them. Thanks!
  16. Performance with wind animation

    Hi cb2000, Of course, you can add the Wind modifiers for all paths via MaxScript, but I think need to customize each modifier individually, because the leaves and branches swing differently. This tree has many leaves and branches, it can't be calculated faster. You can use the Cache mode, and then it will be played faster. For recording use the One File per Frame option, as a result, the recording will fully utilize all the cores of the processor. I'll send you an update, please try it. I didn't find any problems. Thanks!
  17. Auto tree generator

    I think you can just write random trees generator on MaxScript. Perhaps not all options are available, but I hope in 2.0 it can be done. Thanks!
  18. Growfx Online Lessons?

    Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone here knows where I can find online advanced Growfx Lessons to buy? Or a teacher to teach ? I'm using it for a couple years but I don't have much time to learn it by myself. I'm fine with adjusting some ready made models but I would like to know a good workflow to create my own from scratch when necessary. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Guilherme
  19. Performance with wind animation

    Hi Do we have to manually add wind animation to each path of the tree or there is an option to add wind to the whole tree? Also scrubbing time line is still very slow 0.5 frames even when wind is in after mesh modifier This scene Treeanim 002 also crashes 2018.4 max after about 15 min. After hiding leave branches and leaving just big trunks scrubbing and playing animation later max just crashes (usually after scrubbing and playing. then leaving 3ds max alone for 15 min or so it will just crash error report CER_165042314 to Autodesk) Crash bellow just trying to change density Autodesk crash number error report CER_165042876 to Autodesk. Thanks
  20. Hi Would be nice in version 2 to create auto tree generator that can randomly create different trees in seconds based on common tree types Thanks
  21. Performance with wind animation

    Hi Samuel, I advise everyone to apply the Wind modifiers into After Mesh Modifiers! I moved all your Wind modifiers and you can take a look: Treeanim_002.max Thanks!
  22. Demo restrictions

    Oh, sorry Ok, please download it: GrowFX_1_9_9_SP6_Demo_3dsMax_2017_Setup.exe Thanks!
  23. Demo restrictions

    2017. Wait... It is visible on screenshot) Not sure about SP.
  24. Branch UV blending

    Most likely, we need to develop a special material that will mix 2 textures, and apply it at the beginning of the branches. But I'm not sure that with Cylinder mesh it will look good.
  25. Demo restrictions

    Hi Nikolay Sych, Yes, you're right, it was a bug... What is your version of 3dsMax? I'll send you an update. Thanks!
  26. Hi there, I´m working on my first wind animation, following the official tutorial. I´m using a preset tree I found here on the forum. But the performance is so far from real time, that I need to do a hardware preview afetr every change and its a very long and tedious process. In the tutorial scrubbing the timeline and playback seem to pretty much real time, so I´m wondering if this is just due to the preset being more complex or how I could speed up my performance. I´ve also set it to display lines, but thats also not much faster. I´ve also tried hiding everything but the main trunk but thats still very slow. I´ve attached the scene file, so mabe you could take a look at it... Treeanim_001.max
  27. Demo restrictions

    I have 5 pathes, 4 of them have 1 distributor, but on last one i can't create any distr. Why? And how to fix if it's bug!
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