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GrowFX + Forest Pack


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Hi all

Its my first post here. So maybe its silly question but i am just learning GrowFX
I would like ask about using it with Forest Pack
I know this combo is very powerful for animations but do i get extra resources/speed, save ram etc. using growfx objects instead of meshes? - i am not asking about randomisation or vertex shading  

I just wonder if i can save some space on my hdd :)


Thanks for help


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You will definitely save RAM, I am not sure about hard drive space. It depends upon how Forest pack treats your animated proxies. 

For stills, I did a test and Forest pack objects made with .gfx files do appear smaller than polygon meshes, but I could have misread.


I think the .gfx file is just a set of instructions to build a mesh, that is why it is so small. The actual mesh produced (which is probably what Forest Pack scatters) is still pretty big.


I have been using the combination of these two plugins for a long time and together they have saved me a ton of time. 



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