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Spline direction


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would it be possible to add a "Start %" and "End %" value to the Spline Direction Modifier, so it would consider only sections of a spline? This would also need a checkbox to define whether a higher Start value means that the later spline section is considered but with the path still starting at its origin (probably most cases) OR if the path should start that distance of the spline origin, even if it means it would be floating far from its origin (sounds strange, but would be useful for me right now).

The ability to randomize Start and End with a Chaos value would be an additional bonus.

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Sure. I used GrowFX to create a wicker fence. The wicker rods are all GrowFX branches, originating from (invisible) vertical paths. They weave through the posts guided by the splines below.

I could not get paths to randomly start somewhere along the spline, I had to manually create different versions of the guide spline (see below). I would have liked to tell GrowFX to use a random part one guide spline, not necessarily starting at origin. Then I would have been able to create one long spline weaving through many more posts and GrowFX could have filled the fence with random pieces of varying length and starting positions.


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