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Looping animations


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Hi all,


Is anyone having issues in creating loops in growfx?


I have asked before, some people were having issues matching the 1st to the last frame in a seamless fashion.

I managed to do 1 or 2 trees for a job now, perfectly seamless, but for the rest of them it has been a nightmare - I've read all the posts about it, tried going for 100f loops, with 50, 25, 12.5, and 6.25 f for the subsequent elements (from trunk to tree), I've done all in 30FPS as many people were having issues with getting accurate loop frame numbers with 25.


If anyone has a guess, or is available to help out with this issue, I'd be super happy to figure out why sometimes I can make it, and sometimes I can't, using the exact same method.

In the following example:


frame rate of 30 (Custom, not even NTSC, who knows if the 29.97 from NTSC would be the culprit).

All loops set to 50.0 frames

The resulting loop happens at 62f! (Not perfect though)


And this is with a tall grass clump, with a tree it gets even more complicated, as it seems each part of the tree loops whenever it pleases (Trunk, Main Branches, Small Branches, twigs, leaves)

Sigh, I'm trying for a long time already to get it to work with a bunch of assets for a job, but it is becoming frustrating as it seems I always hit a wall.


Thanks guys, share your experience if you please, we'll surely all learn from each other.

Kind regards,


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