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Looking for GrowFX artist


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My company is preparing to launch a foliage plugin for SketchUp. You can see an alpha video demo here. https://www.facebook.com/skapeup/videos/252205742309657/


You can learn more about our product at our Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/SUplants


We plan to launch our product with 1,000 unique plants then add 20 new plants each week. Each plant is highly specific to landscape design professionals.



Each plant is created in GrowFX as a high poly, highly accurate and detailed plant in Bloom. Once the plant has been approved we will make 4 shape and size variations for each plant both in bloom and not in bloom for a Total of 8 high poly plants.


The next step is to make low poly versions of each plant for a total of 16 plant models.


Once complete, a SketchUp followme billboard proxy is created.  


Please provide me with examples of plants you have created in GrowFX and a cost per plant.


Thanks for your time,


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