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Mesh Anchors


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Hey guys,


Have been using growfx for quite a while now and have had no issues (other than I'd like to see some culling based on how little light some branches receive) - but I've recently been starting to use atlases from quixel megascans, which are absolutely magnificent. I've been looking at ways of utilising more and more of their library, but really I can only use the end leaves/branches at the moment. Speedtree has a new "mesh anchors" feature that lets you specify points on each atlas that will allow you to spawn other branches/leaves/paths; this is perfect for what I need - would it be possible to implement it?


Kind regards,


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that is a really neat feature! 


I am not sure how you would accomplish something like this in GrowFX natively. You might be able to model parent branch/plane and child twig/plane's manually then apply them to your tree as a reference object. 


Interesting problem. I am not a developer but I will play with this and re post. 



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