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Tree Clumps limited to the top of the Tree

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Hi, I am trying to recreate a Quercus Faginea type of tree for a job, and even though I kind of got the branches to behave somewhat close to the actual tree, I am still having a problem with densities.

The landscape artist gave me a reference image where it is clear the existence of big blobs of leaves in the top part of the tree, but the bottom is kind of naked, and I am having problems coming close to the example image they sent. I can't find a way to deal with the densities in a smart way. seems like I have to load everything with small branches and leaves, and then hand sculpt by trimming tiny branches until I get there (seems slow and inneficient, and I loose everything if I do a change down the track.).



Surely there is a way to create blobs that will fill themselves with smaller branches and leaves. while other areas are a bit more sparse, or am I approaching the problem the wrong way? 

Please have a quick look and let me know, thanks! :)


Edit: Another trouble is the looping animation, I set it to 100 frames, in all sections as an aftermesh modifier, but when I get to the leaves, it always crashes.

Edit2: Tried doing it on a new GFX object with a single stem and a few leaves, and the result is the same, so I am probably doing something wrong here...







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