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Different types of flowers on different

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Hello everyone!

Maybe this question was asked already, but anyway - is there a simple solution for the boolean type of thing in GrowFX?

WhatI mean is the true/false condition, for example, I have this type of branches:



I want to have a different type of flowers on different ends of branches. But the biggest issue for me is that I want to test - if that flower already exists on that branch - I do not want to create another flower on top of it.

Of course, you can create different groups of branches using different paths with randomizing count of paths in each group, but I believe there is a simpler solution, using one path for branches and several paths for different flowers?

The flowers difference will be not only colour (I could use vertex paint for that), but the percentage of how much flower is closed or open and how big it is.

Thanks in advance!


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