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Megascan Atlases & GrowFX HELP


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Hi guys,


I'm desperate for some help, I've been struggling with this one for ages now. I am a relative newbie though, so forgive me if this question is basic...


I have got one single material atlas group that I have downloaded from Megascans. I have brought it into 3ds Max and have created multiple planes which have the individual plant components on them but using one single material and uvw map. However, I don't know how to edit it so I can have a multi sub-object material that can be applied to the growfx plant, because everything is created from one material and UVW.


How do I get around this so that the materials will work for each element of the growfx plant (stem, leaves and flower)? Maybe it's more of a material creation question, but I have no idea where to go from having created the separate plane geometry using the one single uvw.


Please help before I lose all my hair! :)


Thanks in advance!

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Hi ForgeSouth,


You need to create a Multi/Sub-Object material, then add different materials for different IDs. For example, the trunk - 1, the branches - 2, the leaves 3,4,5, etc.
If you've one texture with different leaves, assign it to all materials that relates to the leaves, then in the bitmap parameters, change the cropping so that for each material there is the desired texture of the leaf.
Please see my screenshot:






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Hi Eduard,


Thanks so much! I had fiddled around with those cropping parameters earlier and it didn't seem to work, but tried again with your post and it worked! Not sure what I was doing wrong, but happy now!


Just as an extra... how do I get the flower stems to meet nicely with the plant stem? There's a terrible gap between some of them and it doesn't look so good. Each one is at a different angle (bend in the stem) on each alpha, so I can't just adjust one flower billboard. Is there a way to separate them out, or is it best to just crop out the stem altogether?


Many thanks! I'm so relieved!


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On 11/5/2021 at 10:07 AM, LGOOD said:

This was helpful - it's the only info I can find on this topic related to GrowFX.  There is a problem however - if you convert this to editable mesh all the texture mapping is lost. Unless I'm missing something? 




Converting to mesh doesn't result in loss of UVW mapping.
If this happened with your model, can you send me this model? 


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