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Leaves Mesh Scale

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Hi Growfx community and @Eduard.... I have a quick question about leaf scale.  I need to scale my leaves so that they get smaller as they progress up my plant.  I know how to do this using IG leaves, where I use Parameter: Path Position> Affects > IG Mesh> Scale, however I now need to apply a similar technique but using 'Leaves Mesh'.  I've been messing for a while and can control the scale, length, width etc. using 'Affects', but can't resolve how to roll this out to make leaves smaller towards the top of my weed plant.   


I've attached a render so you can see what I mean, which illustrates where I am right now in relation to a photographic reference.   Any help would be much appreciated!


Screenshot (129).png

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Thanks @Eduard!  As soon as I posted this I saw there was another feed about this where you explained the procedure clearly, and I got it working.  I was just getting back to update this post, and although this topic has been covered there was an issue that has arisen from the scaling.  I'm left with small artifacts in the scene from the UVW map/ material.   I can get rid of these when the leaves are the same scale by fiddling with the UVWmap ofset , but how do I make the adjustments now the leaves are all different sizes?    


Screenshot (131).png

Screenshot (130).png

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