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After Mesh Modifier_Optimise

Terri Brown

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Hi team,


I almost always create two versions of any plant - one high res for closeups, and an optimised version for far off viewing. This takes me tweaking parameters on each path. It would be great to have an after mesh modifier that applies to all paths and optimises steps and perhaps cylinder sides to a percentage that you can determine. Kind of like the ProOptimise modifier in max.


I know there's the Optimise steps modifier already built in - I'm talking about a general one doing essentially the same thing, but perhaps also minimising object sides.


Hope that makes sense. Apologies if it's already been mentioned elsewhere.




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Hi Terri,


You can try to configure several Affects from Parameter: Distance, in the main trunk distributor. Create an affects on Override steps and Face size for all mesh builders. In the distributor settings, pick the camera or another object, as the object to which you want to calculate the distance.


Apologize for the delay!


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