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Attaching Instanced Geometry

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Hi guys, I've searched through the forum but couldn't find the answer I was looking for.  I needed to resolve how to attach instanced geometry, or at least figure out a technique for attaching leaves to stems so that I'm not left with a visible end section.  There must be a simple method I'm sure,  may be I have missed a setting?.... although it seems this may end in the situation being discussed on another thread with @Richard & @Eduard?   My immediate thought was that the combine meshes would be the feature I needed, however I've so far been unable to actually join meshes, only align them.  Thanks! 


Screenshot (115).png

Screenshot (116).png

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Thanks Eduard.  Yer I think you're right, I tried using opacity map and it seemed to do what needed and I can perfect the stalks later down the line.   


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