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Strange instanced geometry behaviour


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3dsmax 2018

Growfx 1.9.9 SP5  


Hi @Eduard, I wonder if you might kindly be of assistance?... or anyone else!   I'm building a plant and have created a number of leaves that are to be attached as instanced geometry within my scene.  They're behaving unexpectedly, and the results are random.  It might work at some point, it might not, either way getting to the point of rendering the leaves correctly is proving quite difficult.  I've attached a screen grab of the leaf on a basic Growfx plant, as well as a shot of the leaf as it should appear.  I've looked through the forum as originally I thought it could be some kind of x-form issue, so have tried that, however I can't seem to stop the leaves looking like they're melting.  Thanks!  

Screenshot (99).png

Screenshot (100).png


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Hi @Eduard, yer I thought there might be some kind of displacement problem.  It's a little strong but not too bad, and actually even with displacement disabled the same thing occurs.  I rebuilt a test scene, used the same materials and geometry.  To get it to work without issues I reset x-form, and then re-applied UVW unwrap + UVW map, set the correct material ID's, and rebuilt the multi sub object material.  It worked fine, so something fussy about the sequence of modifiers being applied in 3dsmax.  Anyway, it works, thanks! 

Screenshot (102).png

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