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Pinus Pinea - Stone Pine


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Well I have looked at the reference pictures on the net and there are also more sphere shaped examples, maybe it depends on the age of the tree ? when its not fully grown its more like a sphere ? I'm not sure about it but thats the type I was going for from a reference. Thanks for the comment I have adjusted a little bit the tree but have some problems with adding details to the trunk.

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On 3.02.2018 at 9:14 PM, mentor said:

what kind of problems?

I wanted to add some kind of displacement to the trunk and some broken branches but the metamesh doesnt like that and produces some errors/bugs


21 hours ago, Tobitobs said:

I think picture one is more Pinus sylvestris ;) still looks super! Pinus pinea (with the tasty nuts) is growing around the mediterranean sea and has more the umbrella shape like mentor said.

so You think this is Pinus sylvestris... ?


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