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Object Reaction Graphs


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It would be nice if the Distance and Max Strength spinners in Object reaction had graph support. Right now I'd like to set a path to use ZERO object reaction until at the very end of the paths and then give it 100%. In this case, the direction is controlled by Spline Dir modifiers and then changes to Object reaction at the very end. I'm considering how to do this currently with affects but it's being problematic for me. If the strength/distance had graph controls, it would be easy to just set the values to 0 until end of graph.


My current tests have been to add a Length Affects > Object Reaction Strength with a Factor at 0 for most of the Factor Graph and then setting it to 1.0 for end of graph. But the Object reaction seems to apply to the entire path.

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Hi wallworm,


Ok, we'll add these graphs...


On 14.01.2018 at 10:43 PM, wallworm said:

My current tests have been to add a Length Affects > Object Reaction Strength ...


Length Affects has a different working principle. There, depending on the length, you can influence to the necessary parameters. For example, you have several branches with different lengths, and you want longer branches to have different behavior, then you create this Affect.



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