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leaves turning and falling

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Im trying to replicate this plant20180107_112204.thumb.jpg.4465518dbd7ba58f9b9218ccdee78ed4.jpg


I get to this point where I am quite happy with italpinia_01.thumb.JPG.8ff987d60ac51feb2433eca10a28adb4.JPG


the problem comes when I try to bend the main trunk, all the leaf seem to turn around the trunk and fall in the same directionalpinia_02.thumb.JPG.48bce16d75bb3b2ddab24ea1dfe64253.JPG

I've found that I can avoid this using after mesh modifiersalpinia_03.thumb.JPG.b23b0dfe4750d32efbac47c40118f949.JPG

But now that i want to create a bigger plant with severals trunks I can't control the direction of this trunks with after mesh modifiers.  


I can fix it changing the angle bend for the leaves from 1 to 20, but then i'm loosing the effect that the leaves are breaking off the trunk.alpinia_05.thumb.JPG.32ca1cdcfaa1b59f64b421bf8b3b2bdc.JPG


Whats the proper way to do this effect?? or how can I avoid the leaf doing this??

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hello kasido,


I'm not sure if I understand what you trying to do. You want your "growfx006" look like the "growfx005" just with several trunks?

Have you tried to set Vector_direction modifier of the leaves to "Local vector"?

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hi totibobs, thanks for your answer. To make the question simple lets just focus on the second and third picture. What I want to do is bend the plant and not have all the leaves falling to the left. 

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