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MetaMesh undesired result

Terri Brown

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I'm struggling with the way metamesh build stumps/broken branches on trunks/branches. I want to maintain the flat end of the broken branches as seen in the reference image, but metamesh builds it like in the attached image, even if I have planar cap end selected on Mesh Builder options.


Am I missing something?





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Hi Terri,


Just to build a surface The Metamesh using the metaballs, and if the trunk is close, then the branch can't end with a flat end, as a result, we see a sphere. A flat end can be seen when a Simple cylinder is built.
But we'll try to fix it in the future.
Please try to add another metamesh builder, but with a slightly smaller radius, and disable the Build simple cylinder and set the Meta weight < 0. This should slightly retract the bulge of the surface. Playing with the Radius and Meta weight, you can achieve the desired result.
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