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Ivy on Pergola (yeah...)


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Hey guys, I've been using GrowFX for some time now and everytime I need to make ivy on pergolas I'm never quite satisfied with the end result. I feel we need a bit more control on how the ivy spreads over a surface or mesh because it's easy to have the branches bundle together and make a spot too dense and others too sparse.


Also, there's a strange behavior on the Object Reaction modifier. What happens is:

1 - I add the modifier to the main trunk of the ivy and edit the parameters until I'm satisfied.

2 - I also add the modifier to the branches of the Ivy. As soon as I add the modifier, the Trunk moves. This is far from ideal (not sure why this happens) since you loose the look of the trunk. The same happens if you add the same modifier to any other level below - each of them changes the behavior of the last level and moves the splines.


I'm attaching the file with the latest Ivy I managed to make (Max 2016). Notice how the leaves and branches tend to bundle together instead of spreading and keep distance between themselves. Maybe a future update to have better control over this or am I doing something wrong?


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Hi davius,


Yes, there is a problem...
Just, if you use the Generate points on Faces option in the Magnetic settings, the system first initializes all points on the reaction object for all paths, then all paths are built.
Initialization of all points uses one main random generator, so if you add other modifiers with Generate points on Faces, the total seed can also change for the parent paths.
We'll try to fix this in the next version...
Now you can try to use only Use vertices. To have a lot of vertices, you can apply the Subdivide modifier to your pergola.
Please see my example: Smart70_Pilotis08_IvyOnly_1.max
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Glad that you see this problem too, Eduard.


A workaround I often use is use the Object Reaction of the trunk of the Path and then use another Object Reaction on the branches but as AfterMesh Modifier. This way one does not affect the other even when generating points.


Will look at your file and study your workflow. Thanks!

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Hi Eduard,


Is it possible for me to get the update to the Object Reaction modifier too? I also do many creepers and have the exact same problem as Davius - you set everything up perfectly, and then by just adding a child path or a simple modifier the entire form changes.



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7 minutes ago, daveb867 said:

It was exactly the same issue.  Get the trunk looking correct, add some branches, copy the Object Modifier across and the trunk changes shape.


Strange, I just checked, the trunk doesn't change its shape.
Can you please send me your scene file?


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