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Creating Lettuce

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Hi guys,


I have a new project starting soon, and am trying to get my plant assets sorted while I have the time. The project includes an urban farming setup, so I wanted to model some lettuce such as the images attached. I know you get many lettuce varieties, but I'll be happy doing three kinds. To be honest I'm not quite sure where to start.


Would I be able to model the leaves within GrowFX itself, or does this call for instanced geometry?


Any assistance is much appreciated.







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Hi Terri,


A couple of years ago we too had to model lettuces here and I found out that making some simple (yet clever) cloth Sims gave very good results, and was procedural enough to generate a wide range of variations.


I'll post tomorrow a bit more explained the process. It's easy, but now I'm AFK :)

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The methodology I said was used to create the lettuces on this job here:


You will create the lettuce veins using splines, and create the lettuce leave using splines+Garment Maker.


You then add the Cloth modifier to the Lettuce leave and add the lettuce veins as collision object (but with collision OFF), and create a group on the Cloth selecting the vertices closer to the veins (using softselection is a nice option here). You then make that group mode to Surface and select the veins so the selected vertices get attached to it. You'll then animate the scaling of the veins so they get smaller, and then hit "Simulate" on the cloth. The lettuce leave will shrink and pinch driven by the veins.


On top you can add some noise and FFD to get to the final shape! If you have any doubts, feel free to ask :)

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