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How to import model prepared in Imperial scale to metric ?

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Hi, I`ve downloaded number of files from sites plant library. Most of them are prepared for Imperial unit system. I use metric and upon merging some of them clearly imports not correctly (roots). IE this Tristania obovata tree:



It is supposed to look this way:



Some other models imported look OK, but I am not sure anymore. Maybe difference is not as visible but still not the way it was designed.

I want reconvert every model, just don`t know how.


So I wonder what is the way to convert models form 'inch" -> "cm" scale ?

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Hey there, not sure since i would have to try it on my side, but i guess one solution should be to set your system units to imperial unit system, then open your file and use the unit converter from growfx parameters in general rollout to convert to what ever you want to, then open it after setting your units back to meters in max system units parameters, should be fine 

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Hi Rokas,


Finally, we've fixed several bugs in the rescaling system, now you can test with your models. For this, I would like to send you an update, and I need to know your 3ds Max version.
Many thanks for your bug report!


2016, thanx !

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