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Surface Distributor > Limit to Face Angles and Height


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I would like the ability to limit the distribution of spawn points in the Surface Distributor to these parameters:


Angle Vector: Choose vector for angles. Should default to World Z. Have options to change vector like in the Vector Dir direction modifier. Used for both the face angle and height below.


Limit to Face Angles: Boolean. When On, uses the following two parameters:

Min Face Angle: Minimum angle from axis.

Max Face Angle: Maximum angle from axis.


Limit to Height: Boolean. When On, use the following two parameters.

Min Height: Minimum Height for spawning.

Max Height: Maximum Height for spawning


For the height, the zero value should be calculated from the angle vector choice. (So origin of the axis in Angle Vector)



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Hi Shawn,


I don't want to complicate the current interface, because it's already difficult for some users.
We can try to add these parameters as an additional node in node-based UI in version 2.0, which can be connected to any of distributor nodes.
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