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Point Helper Additions


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I think that the Point Helper objects should have several new controls that can be used inside the GrowFX nodes. I think this will help cases where you have a species that generally works but need to add some specific variation to specific plants in the scene.


Just a few examples/ideas:


New Parameters in Point Helper:


  • Radius Multiplier: Allow per point radius multiplier for any distributor using this. Default to 1.
  • Density Multiplier: Allow the density to be multiplied per point's multiplier. Default to 1.

Associated Functions inside GrowFX:


  • Point Distributor: if the point's density multiplier is other than 1, multiply the density results by the multiplier.
  • Direction Modifier: Add new checkbox to Use Point's Vector Size as Path Length to override the length of that path. Should still utilize Chaos (if the distributor count is other than 1).
  • Mesh Builder: If the mesh comes from a Point Distributor path and the point's radius is other than 1, multiply the results of the radius by the radius multiplier.
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