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Instance geometry textures not showing up

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I am a little lost I am trying to create an orange tree and got it pretty close to done the problem I am having now is the model i am picking as my orange geometry , the textures do not show up on the tree the geometry just stays green. am i supposed to drag a material to the tree but when I do this the leaves and trunk also get the orange models texture im very confused. why is it not reading the material from the orginal orange fruit model hoping someone can help me out here . :mellow:

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Hi Eiji850,

You will need to create a Multi/sub object material to do this.
As an example try this -
Make a multi/sub material with Branches as Material ID 1, Leaves as material ID 2,  Oranges [Fruit] as Material ID 3.
Make sure you put the correct ID [3] on your oranges when you create your custom mesh and also put the correct Material ID for leaves & branches in GrowFX.
Assign this material to both your GrowFX object & your custom Mesh object.

Kind regards

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