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Using Instanced Geometry Mesh for creating thorns

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First, thanks for this amazing tool!

second, I'd like to create thorns with growFX

I have a specific design i have to follow (not the one in the attached picture/file), and i'm having trouble figuring out how to do what i want.


I've created a mesh and the paths with growFX, loaded  my mesh as instanciated geometry, but i'm stuck afterwards.

The meshes follow the paths but are way too long, and continue after the paths end.


I'd like to know how to cut my mesh as soon as the path ends.

Is there a way to do that?




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Hi, Thanks for your reply


The problem is i have a specific modelsheet to follow, with peculiar forms.

I know growFx could do the job, but needles need to blend is the form, not penetrate in it. Even if  MetaMesh works pretty well, a retopolgy is needed afterwards.


And i would work with instances to save time and effort on Uv's, topology, and still modifying the picked instance.


Still searching...

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