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Is it possible with GrowFX to model a baobab tree?

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I was wondering if it is possible to model a baobab tree (Pic of baobab tree) with GrowFX?

The stem splits up to smaller branches (unlike a "normal" tree which has a main stem from bottom to top). It looks more like a tree upside down, with its roots in the air.





Hi Tobi,


Here I attached some examples of the baobab tree (3dsMax 2009 + GrowFX 1.7.0). Of course, maybe it's not exactly like in your photo, but it you can modify :)





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Eduard can you add maps too? :rolleyes:


i am learning to make myselt the trees to my proyects, just now tying this Apamate:


follow this videos and tutorials :) Eduard i love your plugin bro!


If you are our customer, please contact us at support@exlevel.com, and we'll make for you this tree...



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