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Affect length by height on model (z axis)

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I am trying to model a tree and i can´t find a way to limit the length of a branch due to the overall height on model, i wish that branches located on z axis,like 150cm for instance, would be limited to a certain lenght. But i don´t want to use trim to exclude what i don´t want.


I´ve attached the tree and the format i would like to do. Is there any better way to do that?










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It looks like you could use the "path position" of level two to affect its length.


In path 2 just select the button to affect right of path position and affect the length of path 2.


Then use your graph controller to affect you model. Bear in mind that the bottom bar of the graph represents path 2's position along path 1, and the side bar represents the factor for your height.

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